Through the power of DanCE, we can change the Face of Alzheimer’s


home-page-content-3     Mission Statement

The Beverly McCombs Charitable Fund’s mission is to raise funds for research that are designed to protect
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home-page-content-2     Research Cost

All proceeds raised by our first research project, DanCE for Cognitive Enhancement, will be granted to the:
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home-page-content-1     Leadership

Bruce McCombs is the Founder of the Beverly McCombs Charitable Fund and the DanCE for Cognitive Enhancement
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TIME for Health Talks with Helena Bluman and Derek Hough About the Health Benefits of Dancing
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Fund-raising Update
30 Apr


Fund-raising for the DanCE study is comprised of both public and private donations.  So ...

Ground Breaking Study Part 2 – Argentine Tango Dancing Benefits Parkinson’s Patients – 2015
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