Through the power of DanCE, we can change the Face of Alzheimer’s
30th Apr


Fund-raising Update

Fund-raising for the DanCE study is comprised of both public and private donations.  So far, over 350 people and many organizations have generously donated to funding the Dance for Cognitive Enhancement study and feel confident that we will reach our fund-raising goal over the next couple of years.

The study will be piloted in 30-40 participants in the first year to determine the optimal sample size (up to 240 estimated).  The next step is the full-fledged randomized clinical trial  and will be conducted over a 3-4 year period.  This two-step process is efficient as it will more accurately estimate sample size  and other resource requirements for the main study.  It is predicted that dance participants will improve cognitive and physical functions relative to controls that are inherently needed for these types of research studies.

There are 3 levels of investigation:  (1) screen and develop interventions that will optimize the best decisions regarding the DanCE program development (2) evaluate the efficacy of dancing on age related capacity to plan, organize and monitor the execution of behaviors (3) define the cognitive benefits of social dancing and talking while walking using advanced imaging techniques. 

The Beverly McCombs Foundation – Dance for Cognitive Enhancement’s mission is to establish Alzheimer’s prevention programs to help people avoid the all-consuming effects of this disease while bringing awareness of the therapeutic benefits of dancing for everyone.

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