Through the power of DanCE, we can change the Face of Alzheimer’s


home-page-content-3     Mission Statement

The Beverly McCombs Charitable Fund’s mission is to raise funds for research that are designed to protect
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home-page-content-2     Research Cost

All proceeds raised by our first research project, DanCE for Cognitive Enhancement, will be granted to the:
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home-page-content-1     Leadership

Bruce McCombs is the Founder of the Beverly McCombs Charitable Fund and the DanCE for Cognitive Enhancement
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Teen Brains Found In Elderly Dancers Who Participated In 18-Month Age-Reversal Experiment
10 Jul


by Brent Lambert • August 28, 2017 • As we grow older we suffer a decline in mental ...

Is Dancing the Kale of Exercise
26 May


By Marilyn Friedman April 30, 2019 In a packed ballroom, a dapper man in a silver tuxedo ...

The End of Alzheimer’s
09 Dec


The first reversal of Alzheimer’s disease led to the scientific study in 2014 by Dr. ...

Study: Dancing may offset some effects of aging in the brain
03 Sep


A new study led by a Colorado State University researcher shows that kicking up your heels ...

Presidents’ Ball & Alzheimer’s Research Fundraiser
08 Oct


  Presidents’ Ball & Alzheimer’s Research Fundraiser January 22, 2017 ...

Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids May Cause Dementia
17 Jun


A new study provides the strongest evidence that anticholinergic drugs may increase the ...

Fund-raising Update
30 Apr


Fund-raising for the DanCE study is comprised of both public and private donations.  So ...

Ground Breaking Study Part 2 – Argentine Tango Dancing Benefits Parkinson’s Patients – 2015
12 Feb


Dancing the Argentine Tango could have potential benefits for people at certain stages in ...

What are the Effects of Tango Dancing on Parkinson Disease?  A 2-year prospective pilot study – 2014
22 Jan


Participation in community-based Argentine Tango classes over 2 years led to improvements ...

Glenn Campbell’s Alzheimer’s – biopharma’s hope, hype and uncertainty
29 Aug


There is a scene in the documentary I’ll Be Me in which musician Glen Campbell, the ...