Through the power of DanCE, we can change the Face of Alzheimer’s
18th Nov


Physical Benefits of Social Dancing

In 2006, a study was conducted to determine if social dancing could improve health and mobility, and thereby, reduce falls in adults.  The results of the study were published in the New Journal of Medicine.  The outcomes of the research  determined long term social dancing were associated with longer strides in the couples that danced versus those that did not. The longer the stride, the more stable the person walked and reduced fall rates because dancers had better balance.

Why is this important?  Today, the total cost of falls are estimated to be $30 billion.  By 2020, the cost is projected to be $54 billion.  Each fall cost about $30,000.  However, this is just half the story.  When adults fall, often times their health does not recover from the rehabilitation.  But if we can change public health policy, like was enacted for nutritional labeling and tobacco use, and include activities like dancing, perhaps we can reduce fall rates and improve the quality of life for all adults.

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