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15th Nov


Social Benefits of Ballroom Dancings

One of things I love about ballroom are the people you meet along the way.  I met my wife ballroom dancing.  When I told my coach this, she told me that she read a study there are two activities that have the biggest impact on successful marriage:  one is dancing and the other is gardening.  I could not find that study but found another that was conducted in South Africa specifically on how ballroom dancing impacted the marriage relationship.  The results were:

.  Conversations occurred more frequently because the couples had to communicate about the the steps they were learning.
.  Intimacy levels increased because of the physical touching that’s required.
.  Conflict management improved because couples learned how to negotiate more effectively when disagreements emerged during the dancing.
.  These three behaviors improved as the couple’ dancing improved.

To that end, I have a quick story to tell you about conflict resolution.

About 3 months prior to our first conversation, my wife and I learned new steps for waltz and quick step.  Normally there are 2 to 12 competitors on the floor at the same time.  This time it was me, my wife, the dance floor,and 3 judges staring at us.  We go through the waltz with no problem.  Half way through our quick step, we forgot our routine.  We stopped on the floor 3 times.  When I gained our composure, we finished the dance.  When the emcee announced the award for our dance he says, “In heat number 21, number 341, second place goes to Bruce and Pamela McCombs”.  We were embarrassed.  Second place and no one else was on the dance floor.  Our new friends came up to us and shared some of their stories.  One woman told my wife that she had a wardrobe malfunction and the straps on her dress came lose and flashed herself in front of 600 people.  We had a great laugh with our new friends, knowing they had danced in our shoes in one way or the other.

By dancing, you will discover new alliances based on courtesy and mutual achievement.  You will be appreciated at social functions and always popular.  And ballroom dancing is a great skill to learn, practice and share with friends.

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